Having Trouble Accessing an Application?

Do not contact the owner of the application in question, as they cannot help you. If you're seeing this page, the problem can only be resolved by your taking action.

In most cases you cannot access an application because Virginia Tech is not providing required data about you to the requesting application. Our default data release policy favors privacy and permits releasing the following information for faculty and staff exclusively:

If you are a student, which in this case means an actively enrolled student without a faculty or staff affiliation, then we may not be releasing enough information about you to the application you're trying to access. We have an opt-in mechanism where we may release the above information at your request. Please open a 4Help ticket that contains the following text in the problem summary:

Possible attribute release issue with X

where X is the name of the service you are trying to access. The ticket will be assigned to the Middleware group and they will work with you to resolve the problem.